The Dark Side of Traffic Ticket Law


Traffic tickets are harmless… right? Well, at least no one has ever died from a traffic ticket… right?

Realistically, traffic tickets are generally harmless so long as you can afford to pay them. David Stojcevski learned this hard way, and he’s no longer here to talk about it.

Mr. Stojcevski was 32 years old when he received a ticket for careless driving. He was unable to the fines which totaled between $700-$800 dollars. Because he could not pay, he was put in jail for 30 days. Putting people in jail because they are poor raises a myriad of moral concerns in it’s own right, but what happened next was even more twisted. David Stojcevski died halfway into his 30 day sentence. I’m not even going to try to watch the video – yes there is a video – I am just too squeamish, but I encourage you to look into it for yourself and get back to me with some ideas on how to improve our system. After all, this did all happen right here in the great State of Michigan.


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