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Will I Go To Jail For An OUI Or DUI Conviction In Michigan?

Whether or not you will serve jail time for your OUI or DUI conviction is dependent on a great number of factors. These issues are on the forefront of most people’s minds when they are charged with OUI/DUI in Michigan, and rightfully so.

While not every DUI conviction will result in time served, even the lowest-level variation of an OWI in Michigan can be punishable by up to 93 days in jail. More violent and aggravated DUIs carry much heftier punishments, with sentences of up to 15 years, in some cases.

Due to the nature of sentencing norms for these matters, it is incredibly important when you’re charged with an OUI or DUI to hire an attorney you can trust. A good attorney will be your advocate and will pour over the evidence of your case, using keen legal knowledge and practices in order to provide you with a chance to avoid serving time in prison.

I Was Caught Driving After Recently Smoking Marijuana In Michigan. What Am I Going To Be Charged With?

If you’re caught driving under the influence of marijuana, the most probable charge you will face is a DUI. This is coming to be the norm, as officers have been attempting to deal with these cases much like any alcohol-related traffic offense.

In Michigan, marijuana-related traffic offenses have been on the rise ever since the legalization of the substance. A major reason for this drastic incline is due to the fact that officers are becoming rapidly more sophisticated in determining when drivers are under the influence of marijuana.

Over the course of many years, a very reliable protocol has been established for determining whether or not drivers are under the influence of alcohol– to the point where we have scientifically determined intoxicated driving via measuring blood-alcohol content down to a specific decimal, at 0.08%.

However, officers have found that determining whether or not someone is under the influence of marijuana is much more difficult. There is no way for us to measure the physiological effects of marijuana in a person and say with certainty, “Yes, this person was illegally under the influence because they had this much THC in their system”.

In any case, officers are equating marijuana DUIs so much with alcohol DUIs, that they function together in how the state views and handles multiple DUI cases for a single person.

If you were charged and convicted for a DUI or OWI in Clinton County, Ingham County, or Eaton County and you’ve been caught with marijuana, you will be charged with the second-offense DUI, even if one DUI is alcohol-related and the other DUI is for use of a completely different substance.

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