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What Are The Common Types Of Traffic Offense Cases That Your Firm Handles?

Vuckovich Legal handles an enormous volume of traffic tickets in any given year. One significant aspect of our clientele is drivers with certified driver’s licenses, commonly referred to as truckers, who are some of our favorite clients. We work incredibly hard for them because the issue with receiving a traffic ticket when you drive a truck is that you have no choice but to fight it. A speeding ticket could be the end of your career in that line of work. So, Vuckovich Legal works very hard to keep professional drivers on the road as well as passenger car drivers. But, like anyone reading this, just your everyday drivers are the other half of the traffic ticket clientele at Vuckovich legal. Those are typically going to be speeding tickets, tickets for running red lights, tickets for running a stop sign.

All of these types of offenses have long-lasting consequences. So, they are civil infractions, and they are not crimes. You will not go to jail for a traffic ticket as long as you pay the fine. Not paying your fines could certainly snowball into a completely different circumstance, but the implications on your insurance premiums and your ability to drive can be very damning. So, even one speeding ticket will substantially increase your insurance premiums. Many people in Michigan don’t understand that even once that ticket falls off your record, once those points go away from your Michigan Secretary of State driving records, your insurance premiums do not go back down. I have had the opportunity to speak to many insurance representatives, and I’ve asked them about this topic any time I’ve been able to. So, when you are convicted of a traffic ticket in Michigan, you get points on your license, which the insurance company can see, and they’ll hike your rates.

After a certain amount of time, those points go away in Michigan, but there is no mechanism at the insurance companies for your premiums to go back down, It’s not part of the business model, and I fear that it will never be. So, when you are talking about traffic tickets in Michigan, the name of the game is keeping your record clean. I have clients who shamefully have been pulled over seven or eight times, been issued traffic tickets, and because they have come to us and had them handled professionally each time, we are able to avoid them appearing on somebody’s driving record. So, if you can do that, you can avoid all the negative implications regarding your insurance premiums, and there is great value to them.

Do Most People Just Accept A Traffic Violation In Michigan And Pay The Fine?

I understand the desire to get things done and over with quickly and walk away from them, but in the world of traffic tickets in Michigan, you have to fight your tickets. You cannot just pay a ticket without contesting it first. It is, in large part, a game. Although these laws, in many instances, are there for public safety, when we think a little bit deeper into it, many of the regulations rely on arbitrary distinctions, for example, the difference in legality between going 75 and 76 miles per hour.

In large part, traffic tickets are a revenue-generating scheme for the state of Michigan. They make a lot of money, and if they didn’t write these tickets, they wouldn’t be able to operate the way they do. Meanwhile, you have severe crimes going unsolved. If you look at the cold case rate from the 1960s till now, you’ll see that murders were solved at a much higher and at a much more successful pace back then. A lot of that has to do with where we are concentrating our police resources. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age when money is king, we’ve decided that we need to have more officers out on the road writing tickets because that’s an excellent way to raise money for the police department. Is it virtuous? No. Is it just? No, but this is the reality of the matter.

So, being written a ticket, regardless of if the officer “gives you a break”, even if you are going ten miles an hour over the speed limit and the officer writes you a ticket for going five miles an hour, you still must contest that ticket because any attorney worth their retainer fee will likely be able to procure a reduction in charge that may even keep the incident off your record. This is valuable because although it may seem like a harmless speeding ticket that one to five-mile an hour speeding ticket is going to not only hike your insurance premiums, but it will make it much more difficult for you to get a good result on any other traffic issue you may have going into the future. Therefore, it is vital to keep your record clean.

When Would A Driver’s License Be Suspended For A Traffic Violation In Michigan?

Any license suspended for traffic violations typically requires either repeated violations or a failure to pay your fines. Therefore, not paying traffic fines or even parking tickets is essential to be aware of for citizens in Michigan. There have been incidents where people have accumulated so many parking tickets or traffic tickets that they have been called into court to answer why they didn’t pay their fines. When they did not make it right in court judges have put people in jail to give them what they feel like some extraordinary incentive to pay their fines. I take a significant issue with this because if somebody is not paying their traffic fines, it is because they can’t afford it.

Putting them in jail is counterintuitive as far as I am concerned. Still, it’s very eye-opening for some people to become aware that even though we are just talking about traffic tickets and parking tickets, it can get serious very quickly.

What Can My Traffic Ticket Attorney Do For Me In Ingham, Eaton, And Clinton Counties?

A traffic attorney can do several things for you, and the benefits that Vuckovich Legal offers its clients are not just one level or two levels deep. We try to make this the absolute best experience from start to finish for our clients as possible, and so the number one thing that it means is we appear in court on your behalf. You do not have to go to court once you hire Vuckovich Legal to handle your traffic matter. We file our paperwork the same day that you retain us for your traffic matter which is another advantage that Vuckovich Legal clients get. This puts the court on notice right away that we will be handling your traffic ticket, you will not be going it alone, and they know what that means. They set a hearing for us to have a chance to negotiate with the prosecutor and talk to them about what happened and why a reduction might be appropriate. I’ve had an excellent track record with that and great luck doing it for my clients in the past, and I take great pride in doing so.

Beyond that, you don’t have to worry. I like to tell clients beyond me, there are no demons. Once you sign that retainer agreement, put your fear aside, let it reside in me, and you can rest easy. The other thing we do is update our clients on any and all developments in their case right away. One of the main complaints of people who hire an attorney for a traffic ticket is that once they’ve paid the money, they cannot get the attorney on the phone. That is not the experience for Vuckovich Legal clients. Sometimes I feel like my clients get sick of hearing from me since I keep them so abreast of the developments in their case. Still, in the end, it has resulted in extremely happy clients and gratifying business as far as traffic tickets are concerned.

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