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What Are The Common Types Of Theft Crime Cases That Your Firm Handles?

Theft is when one person takes something that belongs to another person without permission. Many of these cases can be between people who have a shared living relationship, between people who work together, or between people who, for some other reason, are situated close in proximity to each other with great regularity. Theft can also occur from businesses, which is another pervasive situation that we see in Ingham County. So, as far as theft cases that Vuckovich Legal handles, they run the gamut, and we have experience in a wide range of circumstances that have resulted in theft crimes. As a result, we have the expertise necessary to get you the result that you seek.

What Is Considered Misdemeanor And Felony Larceny Under Michigan Law?

When you are charged with larceny in Michigan, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony depends on what was taken and its value. Much like an embezzlement charge, it hinges on the amount in question. It is very much the same as a theft charge. So, if you’ve stolen something with a value of, let’s say, over $1000, you will be looking at much more severe charges than something with a value of under $1000. It’s crucially important that you have an attorney who goes through every aspect of the case with a fine-tooth comb because in theft cases, the laws are very technical. There are many ways for a seasoned defense attorney to mount a very successful defense to theft charges, and it’s not just limited to finding technicalities to get the case dismissed. It’s just something that requires a very detail-oriented approach. If that’s taken, there certainly are ways to gain advantages and ensure that your clients would get better results than somebody else who didn’t have the benefit of your representation.

What Are Potential Penalties If Someone Is Convicted Of A Theft Charge Or A Larceny In Michigan?

Much like any other crime in Michigan, the penalties are as severe as time in prison, depending on the facts and circumstances of somebody’s case. So, can prison be avoided in theft cases? Under certain circumstances, yes, but it typically requires a lot of work, and in theft cases, particularly scrupulous close attention to detail because the cases are so fact-specific. They hinge so much on one or two elements of the law that if you can spot something to weaken the case even slightly, you’ve found yourself a potential strategy that will avoid not only jail time but significant amounts of probationary time, community service, and monetary fines.

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