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What Are The Common Types Of Drug Cases That You Handle In Michigan?

The most common types of charges this firm handles have to do with the possession, delivery or manufacture of the many different drugs that may be at issue in a case.

What Is The Sentencing Range For Misdemeanor And Felony Drug Related Convictions In Michigan?

The sentencing range for these convictions largely depends on a client’s criminal background, age, and a host of other aspects from their life and their unique situations.

Drug crimes can result in no jail time -or- they can result in substantial jail time.

Occasionally, convictions on serious drug charges can carry up to 15-20 year sentences in the case of major felonies. While in other situations, certain misdemeanors can be resolved in a way that not only avoids jail, but a criminal record altogether.

The drug laws in Michigan have many nuances and subtleties, which means that having an experienced attorney to help you through the process is of the utmost importance.

Are There Alternative Programs Or Drug Courts Available In Ingham And Clinton Counties For First Time Drug Offenders?

Absolutely – for any drug offense in the Ingham County, Clinton County, and Eaton County areas, having the right attorney is important for this very reason, as these programs are more ideal alternatives to traditional sentences.

The right attorney can aid in taking control of your drug case – from the beginning of the case to the very end. This control is nearly the only way to get this kind of result, or generally any kind of positive result in a drug case.

Generally, there are two phases of approach for drug cases:

In the first phase, an attorney pours over all the evidence of the case, reviewing absolutely everything and searching for any technicality that could be used to get the case dismissed in the early stages.

The gold standard if you are charged with a crime is to get the case dismissed and it is the result that every lawyer is looking for. However, when early dismissal is not possible because there is no legal basis to dismiss the case on technicalities, an attorney can shift into a “phase two”.

In this second phase, the emphasis is on controlling the narrative by presenting your case to the State in a very specific manner. In doing this, attorneys work to present their client in a certain light in order to get the best result possible.

The more skilled the attorney, the more leverage you have in the courtroom, which becomes extremely important as the judge considers the sentence. The work that has been put in leading up to the moment of sentencing will affect the way a judge views the client and, therefore, how they choose to issue judgement.

How Could The Amount And Type Of Drug Impact A Drug Charge In East Lansing, Michigan?

The amount and type of drug at issue in the case is one of the largest factors in drug-related offenses as it determines the difference between a 93-day misdemeanor and a 15-year felony.

Specifically, the amount of a narcotic that someone is found to be in possession of is especially important as it is one of, if not the biggest factor in determining what charges they will receive.

What Are Some Effective Defense Strategies In Drug Offense Cases In Ingham And Clinton Counties?

There are a host of defenses that can be successful against OWI/DUI charges, and the majority of successful defenses stem from traffic stops and the reasons for which an officer pulls a vehicle over.

In a situation in which a person has been charged with an OWI and was pulled over by an officer, an attorney should spend an incredible amount of time on every detail pertaining to the incident. For example: Why did the officer stop the car? When did they stop the car? Where did they stop the car? For how long did they stop the car?

The reason behind this questioning is that the small details in a traffic stop itself can change the outcome of many DUI cases and determine whether they are won or lost. To that end, it can be surprisingly less important what happens when a police officer is at someone’s window interacting with them, than what had happened in the five minutes leading up to it.

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