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What Are Some Examples Of Misdemeanor And Felony Level White Collar Crimes In Michigan?

Vuckovich Legal handles a wide variety of white-collar crimes. When discussing white-collar crimes, we typically refer to financial crimes that don’t have victims with physical injuries but victims with economic injuries. So, we are talking about crimes like identity theft and embezzlement, to name just a few. In fact, embezzlement is one of the most common charges when referring to white-collar crimes issued in Ingham County and the surrounding areas, and it’s no surprise that the amount of money in controversy is very much determinative of the level of charge. There is a misdemeanor-level embezzlement charge as well as felony-level embezzlement charges. But, again, those are determined by the amount of money that is allegedly embezzled. The penalties for the felony charges could be significant, but they can also be for the misdemeanors because these are crimes that typically have a stigma attached to them. 


They will make it very difficult for the person to move on and maintain employment past a conviction for something like embezzlement. Now, an experienced attorney in this area is privy to some excellent programs that are sometimes made available to people in certain circumstances where the criminal record is limited, and the attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor in a way that they feel sympathetic towards the person who is charged with the crime. So, if you have an attorney who can help you get set up with the programs that I am alluding to, you will undoubtedly be able to avoid any, if not all, of the most damning consequences. In many circumstances, Vuckovich Legal has been able to set up clients who have been charged with white-collar crimes in a situation where within a year or two, they were moving on with their lives with no criminal record whatsoever. So, your lawyer must know the ins and outs of white-collar crimes, especially in this area. 


What Generally Happens When Authorities Are Investigating A White Collar Crime In Ingham County?


If you are being investigated for a white-collar crime in Ingham County, you are already well aware that the authorities take you incredibly seriously. They’ll start with a vigorous investigation, and you, no doubt, must have been contacted at least once and likely multiple times by police officers asking you to give them a statement or interviews. It can all be incredibly intimidating, especially without representation. So, in the early phases of investigating white-collar crimes, it’s essential not to sit back, wait, and let the police do everything. You need to hire an attorney who can proactively get involved in that situation. If you do that and hire the right attorney at the right time, there can be significant advantages gleaned from the early intervention. In these types of crimes, more than any other field of criminal law, timing is everything. 


Who Typically Investigates White Collar Crimes In Ingham County?


When white-collar crimes are being investigated in Ingham County and the surrounding counties, it’s not just your typical run-of-the-mill street patrol officer looking into these things and taking a report. They have special departments within the police agencies that are dedicated specifically to these types of crimes, and these divisions of these departments take these incredibly seriously because it is all they do. So, you must consider this and realize a professional in the field is absolutely essential. You must keep in mind that it is a very sophisticated investigation, which means that it will be a very steep uphill climb for you, especially if you have the wrong attorney, someone who does not understand or has not resolved white-collar crimes in Ingham County before. 


If I Suspect That I Am Under Investigation For A White Collar Crime, Should I Talk To Authorities Before They Come To Me?


In many cases, people under investigation for white-collar crimes are very much aware of the fact that they are under investigation. They know that they’ve committed the crime, and they have been laying out pins and needles for someone to catch up to the paper trail. So in those situations, there is often a desire for that person to get their side of the story across to officers. I have heard of people who will give interviews and statements to police voluntarily right away, on their own, without even police prompt to try to get in front of the story. All I can say about that is that it’s an incredibly difficult strategy to execute correctly, and I’ve never seen it done without an experienced attorney. 


Will I Be Shown Leniency If I Accept Guilt And Turn Myself In For A White Collar Crime?


Turning yourself in, in a situation where you believe that you are under investigation for a crime that you are guilty of, in the realm of white-collar crimes can be advantageous at times. But it is not always beneficial, and it will not guarantee you leniency in your case in any way. There are no guarantees in criminal law; that’s one of the things that every attorney worth their weight in salt will tell their client. There absolutely is no way to guarantee how one action will affect your case and what consequences will stem from that action. That is why it’s important to not act solely on your instincts but to consult professionals to see what they have to say. At Vuckovich Legal, we have experience with these types of crimes. So, we are very confident in the advice that we give to our clients, and we are very optimistic that the advice leads to the best results possible. 


Should I Hire An Attorney Before I Get Arrested, Or Will That Make Me Look Guilty?


This is a common concern when people are charged with a crime or are under investigation. They want to do absolutely everything they can to make it go away. Even though they want to hire an attorney and get professional advice, they think it may make them look guilty or hurt their case, which is not true. The consequences of hiring the right attorney will be positive; they are not going to be negative. No one is going to look at you like you are guilty. Hiring an attorney is a necessity in this day and age.


From my perspective as the lawyer, it is much easier to come in at the early stages so that I can control things from point A all the way to point Z, as opposed to coming in halfway through and having to make the best out of a less than ideal situation.


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