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Is Selling Marijuana A Felony In Michigan?

Unless you have state permission to sell marijuana, selling it is a felony in Michigan. There are many marijuana dispensaries operating under license by the state that have complied with various regulations, both local and statewide. However, selling as an individual is always illegal unless you have obtained some sort of special permission from the state and selling without permission will result in either misdemeanor or felony charges.

Is Marijuana Use And Possession Legal In Ingham And Clinton Counties In Michigan?

Yes, use and possession of marijuana is legal. However, driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal.

There is a grey area regarding topics around marijuana and inebriation such as activation time and how long it stays in your system, or what level of THC actually impairs an individual’s ability to drive. Because of this, prosecutors are currently able to charge OWIs and DUIs  for marijuana in very much the same way that they do for alcohol. Additionally, prosecutors tend to have a very easy time succeeding in court based on the current interpretations of the law.

If you have been charged with an OWI for being under the influence of marijuana and you feel that you weren’t under the influence of marijuana, or the influence had worn off long before you operated a vehicle, you are still likely to receive charges.

If and when a person does receive OWI marijuana charges, the process is currently so heavily slanted against them, that if they do not hire an attorney, they will most likely receive very harsh penalties. When individuals do hire an attorney, these charges can be dismissed or reduced to less severe charges.

Can You Legally Purchase Marijuana In Michigan?

Yes, with some requirements. First, you must be 21 years or older to purchase marijuana as a recreational user. Second, residents of Michigan 18 years and older are able to apply for a medical use license if they have a medical condition that qualifies them.

If you are not 21, or you do not have a medical license to purchase marijuana in Michigan it is then illegal to purchase marijuana and doing so can result in charges. However, it may be reassuring to know that the penalties are less-strictly enforced than they were before new marijuana laws were passed in Michigan within the past few years.

Where Can You Legally Consume Marijuana In Michigan?

Legal consumption tends to fall into a grey area, though the one place that you are surely safe is on private property – with the caveat that you do not subsequently operate a motor vehicle close in time to consumption.

“Close in time” becomes a term of art due to the fact that THC stays in a person’s system for up to 30 days, and sometimes even longer. Therefore, while the presence of THC can be present in a person’s system even though marijuana was consumed many days prior to operating a motor vehicle, it can be the basis for charges.

Can You Grow Your Own Marijuana In Michigan?

You can grow your own marijuana in Michigan. There is a limit to the amount you are allowed to grow depending on your situation, but individuals of age are able to grow their own plants in compliance with state laws in order to furnish themselves with their own marijuana.

Is It Legal To Gift Marijuana In Michigan?

This falls into a grey area as the relative newness of marijuana laws in Michigan does not strictly lay out the details for all situations and there are varying different opinions on this topic.

For example, is it illegal for one user who grows their own marijuana to gift some of that marijuana to another user as long as they are not operating any vehicles or violating any other laws? In a situation like this, one would rarely find any sort of criminal charges.

However, if a person were to be found gifting marijuana as a way around Michigan state laws regarding the sale of marijuana and the taxes that are collected from those sales – it would almost certainly be considered a crime and you would very likely see criminal charges as a result.

I’ve Been Charged With Possession Of Marijuana With Intent To Sell, Distribute Or Manufacture In Michigan. What Can An Experienced East Lansing Drug Crimes Attorney Do To Help Me?

There’s a myriad of important ways that an attorney can help you in East Lansing with these charges.

An attorney’s job starts with pouring over evidence and searching for any technicalities that could be the basis for a dismissal.

If a dismissal is not realistic, an experienced attorney can then attempt to negotiate a substantial reduction in charges under the right circumstances.

If a reduction in charges is not possible, an attorney will be able to help develop a solid trial strategy and a thorough defense that can lead a jury to acquit the accused.

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