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Expungement Law Michigan

Expungements offer those who may have slipped up or made a mistake earlier in life a chance at a clean slate, all things considered. But, unfortunately, in a time when background checks for employment, housing, and many other aspects of life are a norm, a pesky and stubborn charge you may have received at a different time in your life can continue to haunt you long after you have paid your due to society. Thankfully, the expungement system is set up expressly for these situations, and Michigan has continued to expand access and ease of completion for Michiganders across the state.

However, even with new guidelines and regulations in place to ease accessibility, the expungement process can still be complicated and challenging to those not well-versed in the law. If you have been convicted of a crime in the past and have paid your debt to society, you deserve a clean slate and the chance to move on with your life. If you meet the requirements and your conviction falls within a particular set of guidelines discussed later, you may be in luck. With the help of the Michigan clean slate law and expunge criminal record lawyer, you can be on your way to a fresh start!

At Vuckovich Legal, we believe that everyone deserves a clean slate who has worked for it, and the current system in place should not be a barrier to that. If you believe that you may be eligible for expungement or have concerns surrounding the new Michigan laws and statutes, call our office in East Lansing, MI, to schedule an initial consultation.

So, what exactly does the new statute expand access to? From expanding the number of crimes, their types, the times for which expungement is eligible, and the process for doing so, there are now many more options for those wishing to leave their past behind them.

One of the most significant changes to the expungement system sadly will not be introduced until 2023, however. It is the automatic application system designed to expunge eligible convictions after a designated period of time automatically. This can be a significant benefit for many reasons. Since many people may not know they are eligible for expungement or are unaware of the process required to seek one, this new system will streamline the process and ensure those who fall under the guidelines will be taken care of and given the opportunities to which they are entitled.

Additionally, the number of expungements one may be eligible for has been increased, along with an expanded list of felonies and misdemeanors. For example, the limit for felony expungements has been extended to three, with the cap on misdemeanors becoming unlimited. In addition, many traffic offenses are now also expungable, with a streamlined process introduced for marijuana convictions.

One of the most significant aspects of expanded traffic violation eligibility is the inclusion of charges, including driving while intoxicated and incidents that resulted in injury or death. In addition, if you have been convicted of a commercial driver’s license violation, these may now also be expunged.

Previously, multiple violations on the same day or arising from the same incident were all treated separately but now may be treated as one charge for the purposes of expungement. However, none of the crimes may be assaultive, and there are restrictions in place to ensure that other guidelines are followed. For example, no weapons could be used in the duration of the crime or have a maximum penalty of ten or more years in prison.

This may all seem complicated, which is because it is. Even with the new Michigan Expungement Procedure, completing the requirements and ensuring everything has been handled properly is quite the job. Understanding eligibility requirements, how your situation falls under the new codes, and how previous convictions or subsequent crimes may affect your eligibility can be tricky, which is why finding a record expungement lawyer should be your top priority. They can help explain how Michigan Expungement Law can help you, and if it can, how to navigate the complex path ahead.

Vuckovich Legal takes pride in helping those who seek a brighter future find it. You are not defined by the wrong decisions or unfortunate circumstances in your life, and the new Michigan expungement process is explicitly designed to help people like you.

To explore your options or simply clear up any confusion you may have surrounding a possible expungement or how it may benefit you, the first step is scheduling an initial consultation with our office in East Lansing, MI. From there, we will discuss the situation which you seek to resolve and how the Michigan Expungement Requirements apply to your situation. So, call today to start moving on with a clean slate, and take full advantage of the new Michigan Expungement Procedures!