Step 1: Uncrinkle your Traffic Ticket and smooth it out so you can read it again (if step 1 was necessary good for you! You have more self control than most.)

Step 2: Look at the very bottom of the ticket to determine which court has jurisdiction over your ticket.

Step 3: Figure out the Costs & Penalties associated with your ticket. (Use our POINTS & FINES page to make it easy!)

Step 4: NEVER JUST PAY THE FINE! I beg you, even if you were speeding, fight your ticket! It is the only way to get the results you deserve and make sure your record stays clean(810) 373-9783.

Step 5: Become part of the Vuckovich Legal Family of happy clients. Leave your worries with us. We make signing up quick and easy (no need to come to the office, it can be done electronically!), and you get real results that save you money and future hassle. Call today!