Real Testimonial

Attorney Vuckovich made my debt disappear.

I had over $2,000.00 in debt from an old loan i had taken out in my early 20's. I called Andrew and it was handled the next day. This is the second time I have hired Attorney Vuckovich and I have been happy both times.

Justin C., Swartz Creek, MI.


Real Testimonial

"Attorney Andrew Vuckovich is one of the very few attorneys still currently practicing law that genuinely care about their clients..."

Attorney Andrew Vuckovich is one of the very few attorneys still currently practicing law that genuinely care about their clients. Working with him for the short period of time that I was blessed to have him as my attorney I noticed how he puts himself in the position of the person he is representing. He takes every aspect of what that individual is going through to help get the best outcome for you in your situation. Andrew, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my family, my husband and myself. Thank you for your time and service I promise you will go far in your career as an attorney all because you believe in true justice!

Jen, Lansing, MI.


Real Testimonial

After 5 years without my license Vuckovich Legal got it back for me on the first try

I was young and dumb and lost my license due to traffic offenses. The process for getting it back was really confusing and it felt like it was rigged against me. After 5 years without my license, Attorney Andrew Vuckovich got me my license back on his first try with no restrictions! I definitely recommend to anyone I know!

- Tony K., Flushing, MI

Real Testimonial

I was charged with a Felony I didn't commit

It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I was arrested for and charged with aggravated assault against a women I had been dating for a very short period of time. She got very upset one night when I told her I wasn't as into the relationship as she was. She called the police and lied to them about an altercation that never took place. I was arrested and spent a night in jail. Unfortunately, my struggles were just beginning.

The Judge and the Police treated me like I was guilty from the get go.

Attorney Andrew Vuckovich believed in me. He went through the evidence in a way I couldn't believe and found evidence that proved she was lying!

Andrew presented this evidence to the prosecutor  in a way that gave them no choice but to dismiss my case.

Without Vuckovich Legal I would most likely be serving time in prison for a crime I did not commit. I can not thank them enough.

I would reccomend Vuckovich Legal to anyone who wants a lawyer who actually cares about them.

- Justin A, Lansing, MI

Real Testimonial

Vuckovich Legal got my Traffic Ticket Dismissed

I was involved in an accident. The police officer claimed it was my fault even though I knew it was not true. I called Attorney Vuckovich and he went straight to work. He got the charge dismissed and I did not even have to appear in court.

- Andrew M., Bloomfield Hills, MI

Real Testimonial

Mr. Vuckovich settled my debt for way less than I owed

I got myself into a mess and never paid on some furniture I financed. They were calling me so much it was embarrassing. Attorney Vuckovich stepped in and made sure I did not have to go to court. He negotiated with the debt collector and got me  a great deal. The entire process only took 3 days once I contacted Vuckovich Legal PLC. I would recommend them to anyone looking to settle a debt.

- Dave S., Lansing, MI