The Secretary of State can Restrict, Suspend, and/or Revoke your Driver's license for a number of reasons.

A restricted or suspended license can be reinstated by waiting for the suspension period end and paying a restatement fee to the SOS.

A revoked is much more serious. A driver whos license has been revoked is not allowed to operate a motor vehicle under any circumstance. One of the most common reasons a Driver's License gets revoked is due to multiple Drunk Driving convictions within a span of 10 years. If your license has been revoked, you must wait until you are eligible for an Adminstartive Hearing through the SOS's Driving Appeals and Assessment Division (DAAD).

If you have 2 alcohol-related driving offenses within 7 years you will likely need to wait 1 year from the second conviction in order to request a hearing. If you have 3 alcohol-related driving convictions within 10 years, you will likely have to wait 5 years before requestiong a hearing.

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