Clinton County Traffic Tickets

Getting a traffic ticket in Clinton County is very common. Usually the tickets are written on the expressway where I-69 and 27N intersect. A lot of times the officer writing your ticket will tell you he gave you a 0-point ticket, but beware, this is very misleading! It is true that Speeding 1-5 over on the highway is a 0-point ticket, but what they won’t tell you is that it does abstract to the Secretary of State and show up on your driving record! Keeping your driving record clean is absolutely essential in keeping insurance costs down and avoiding future tickets.

Once you have a speeding ticket on your record, police will see it every time they pull you over and they will consider a repeat offender and they will ticket you again. Prosecutors will also be able to see the speeding ticket on your record, and will use it against you if you get another one. If you got a traffic ticket in St. Johns, or anywhere in Clinton County, please call us today to learn how we can help keep your record clean and your insurance costs down. Call (810) 373-9783 to speak with an Attorney.

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