Case Dismissed! Andrew Vuckovich Proves his Client’s Innocence by Pouring through the Evidence

Recently, Vuckovich Legal handled a crazy case involving a scorned ex-lover who lied to police in order to get our client arrested and effectively ruin his life… and she almost succeeded.

She claimed her life was threatened. The police believed her lies, and so did the prosecutors, and so did the Judge. Thats where Attorney Andrew A. Vuckovich stepped in and took control.

After talking with his client, Attorney Vuckovich knew the case was fake, but now he had to prove it. He requested all police videos and poured over the evidence. He found the smallest detail, overlooked by many, that proved she was lying!

Once Attorney Vuckovich presented this information to the prosecutor, ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED and his Client walked out the front door of the courthouse a free man.

If you are charged with a crime you did not commit, please call us today to find how we can help you. (810) 373-9783.

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